Specialist strategy, communications and business development consultancy

We work with charities, social enterprises and other not-for-profits in the UK and internationally

Our Work

We have worked widely on all aspects of charity mergers.

We have helped charities to understand and survive the digital transition. Other projects have covered strategy and governance issues.

Specialist strategy, communications and business development consultancy

Who We Are

Who We Are

Over the past eight years Howard Sharman has worked as a consultant with more than 30 charities, ranging in size from household names down to several with turnovers of less than £1m. Howard has been involved with three charities as a trustee or chair.

He spent eight years as a trustee of Photovoice (four as chair), and was also involved in the launch of Advance Aid – latterly as trustee and chair. He is currently a trustee and chair of Age UK Islington.

Our Services

Strategy Review

Charities all have, or should have, a medium or long-term strategy that they are following.

From time to time this needs to be reviewed in the light of changing circumstances – in the market, in the funders, or amongst their beneficiaries.

The strategy should also feed into the charity’s business plan and annual budget.

We can work with management, chairs and boards of trustees to review strategy and business plans – or create them from scratch

Mergers and Partnership Support

The latest Charity Governance Code says that trustees should consider regularly the benefits and risks of partnership working, merger or dissolution if other organisations are fulfilling similar charitable purposes more effectively and/or if the charity’s viability is uncertain.

Mergers and partnership working are slowly becoming more common in the sector – and not only in situations where financial imperatives are driving a merger.

We can work with management and boards to evaluate all of the options and decide on the best course of action.

Product Development

As the digital revolution finally reaches charities, many are now grappling with issues like CRM systems, Big Data, apps, and digitally delivered products and services.

Sometimes charities have legacy products, developed with funding from Government or third parties that has now lapsed. Is there value in the app or website that has been developed, and what will it cost to realise that value for beneficiaries.

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